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PCBA - $192 (2.6 % is non-deductible as a business expense) FHBA - $115 (28% is non-deductible as a business expense) NAHB - $198 (19% is non-deductible as a business expense) PCBA Foundation - $25 (100% is deductible as a charitable donation) $25 of your dues goes to benefit the PCBA Foundation, a charitable organization as described in Section 501c(3) and is eligible to receive tax deductible contributions in accordance with Section 170. FL Reg #CH17762. 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352) The remainder of your dues are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. A portion of your dues is used for lobbying and is not deductible for tax purposes. $10 is contributed to the Florida Home Builder Association PAC and $5 is contributed to the PCBA PAC. This allocation is optional. If you do not want this portion of your dues allocated to the Political Action Committees, please indicate so and this allocation will be retained in FHBA and PCBA operating funds.
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