Membership in the Polk County Builders Association is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. When you become a member of PCBA you also become a member of the Florida Home Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders. You actually get 3 memberships in 1.

The Polk County Builders Association is committed to Polk’s future by working with elected officials and the media, through education and community involvement. We help our members grow their businesses.




The Florida Home Builders Association is committed to lobbying the State legislature on issues that concern housing and the building industry. FHBA works to keep up to date on the regulatory process and any changes to the requirements of the state building code. Weekly updates, Florida Home Builder magazine,

and discounts through the Vendors of Choice program are just a few of the member services offered by FHBA. Visit www.fhba.com for additional information.




The National Association of Home Builders is in Washington DC, and you become a member when you join PCBA. NAHB represents nearly 800 local builder associations throughout the United States. NAHB is our voice to elected officials and policy makers at the national level. They make housing a priority by educating leaders in the government and the public about issues that concern the building industry. Visit www.nahb.org.



Saved an average of $5,000 in legal fees for creation of model contracts for builders and contractors. 



411 Code

Building Code solutions just a call away.




Members save an average of $150 by attending free continuing education training during the FHBA’s tour of 24 cities.




FHBA pursued issues during the 2016 Legislative Session that saves you money and increases your bottom line:

  • Workforce Taskforce

  • Uniform Implementation Workgroup

  • Reinserting the Shower Pan Exemption

  • Blower Door Testing

  • Fire Distance Separation and Zero Lot Line

  • Sadowski Funding

  • Accountability for Permit Requests

  • And more…


Member Discounts & Services

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The FHBA is proud to provide members a solution to interpreting Florida’s building code through the 411 Code program.

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Offering exclusive member discounts, the FHBA Career Center is your one stop shop browse and submit job openings and more!

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FHBA is proud to sponsor a new Certified Ratings Program.

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Members can receive additional discounts on business products through National Purchasing Partners.

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Members have access to discounts and savings by top companies.

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Members who participated last year received, in rebates, more than they paid in annual dues.

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The FHBA Private Health Exchange is a multi-carrier marketplace designed for FHBA members, their staff and dependents.

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Only FHBA members can receive a FREE membership, worth $99, to Snazzy Traveler and save up to 75% on hotels, flights, car rentals, and more.

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FHBA has partnered with @ Home Prep to offer online CEU courses to help keep your licenses up-to-date at your own pace.

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FHBA’s newest member benefit – Background Info USA – delivers customer focused solutions that provide greater efficiency and faster results, all at a member discounted rate!

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The SmartBiz SBA Loan Program, an exclusive FHBA member benefit, has partnered with SBA Loan Group, a leading SBA Loan packager.

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PCBA’s newest local benefit- Tickets at Work- is a cost-free benefit providing accesss to thousands of exclusive travel and entertainment discounts. Click here to get started.


Are you ready to be a part of our association?